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Infra Services

System integration

The system integration service of Comas provides an IT system integration service that is most appropriate for the customer’s business environment.

Comas has been recognized by its successful business implementation capability in developing various interface systems in the financial infrastructure and applying internally developed solutions.
Comas will provide real business and technology value to customers through research and development on the rapidly changing market environment and IT, in order to provide an optimal system integration service.

Integrated maintenance

Comas Integrated maintenance service is a technical support for the entire area, spanning from the development of various IT infrastructures for optimal operation in various infrastructure environments and design with the latest technology to development and operation support.
In particular, Comas provides the information system integration service using the latest virtualization technology.
Many sites and customers in various fields have recognized the Comas’ capability of conducting technical service successfully, using the specialized service.

Comas will make efforts to provide optimal system integration service using the latest IT in a rapidly-changing market environment.

Providing services
Supporting system preventive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance S/W, H/W
  • Planning operation management
System management consulting
  • Operation management
  • Performance management (performance analysis, improvement)
  • Facility management
  • Operation training support
Failure management support
  • Finding a cause/Analyzing/Solving failure
  • PTF Apply technical support
  • Discussing related business
  • Providing information such as the new technology, new product, and experience case


IT outsourcing operation service enables the purchaser to manage overall IT infrastructure operation systematically based on the service level, and concentrate on reducing operating expenses and core business, using the outsourcing service. As a result, customers can improve system operation quality, increase the level of external/internal service by running the system in a stable manner, and maximize the efficiency of operation management business.


Comas provides optimal IT infrastructure consulting service that can improve computing infrastructure processes and gain a competitive advantage.

Currently, financial institutes are exposed to a diversifying business environment due to technical innovation and business environment changes, and integrating systems internally and merging related businesses externally to survive.

To successfully respond to this rapidly changing environment and achieve internal/external integration, it is important to apply the optimized IT technology by diagnosing the present business condition and issue. To implement IT optimization, a deep understanding on the financial industry and knowledge of the rapidly changing IT are required. Based on various experiences and accumulated technologies in the financial industry over the last 13 years, as well as excellent human resources, Comas helps financial institutes in developing systems that can be utilized easily and stably, so that those institutes apply the IT efficiently.

Center establishment/relocation

A service that newly constructs a data center with stable systems and efficient resources based on the excellent experience and know-how, and constructs and supplements the optimal data center by designing an improvement scheme, equipment arrangement, and facility composition of the existing data center. The data center relocation service begins with the phase of setting up a relocation strategy, followed by the planning phase about preparations before conducting relocation, setting up a detailed execution plan for relocation, designing a substitute system to carry out the relocation project while ensuring a stable service operating environment, and stabilization phase.