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Solme ECM

Solme ECM
(electronic document management solution)

Solme ECM is an enterprise resource management solution that manages the life cycle of all contents related to the business process in the enterprise (creation, storage, preservation, distribution, transfer, and destruction). Comas provides optimal solutions and products that enable the e-Business leader to introduce ECM effectively.

Solme Cloud

Making documents as an asset to isolate Solme Cloud personal information
(personal information document isolation/security/collaboration)

A solution that can solve the security risk problem (loss of the important content and customer information document) and issues related with document sharing, collaboration, and change-over. This solution automatically detects a document containing the personal information and isolates it in the central server.

RMS (records management system) solution

Comas develops the records management system (RMS), which manages records in the records center or special records center (Article 2.6, enforcement decree of the management of archives by public agencies), and manages records transfer.

Solme e-Note
(integrated research note management system)

A total solution for electronic research note management that supports every phase of researcher’s research activities - from research start to research result reporting and making intellectual property (research note creation → check → time stamping → storage → search, etc.).

Solme BCMS disaster management solution

A business continuity planning (BCP) solution designed to minimize the impact of core function/operation failure, which is required by the organization to continue their business.

Component modules
  1. step 01. Analysis and planning
  2. step 02. Situation control
  3. step 03. Response to incidents and mock exercise